Comapny Profile

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Hualesi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices and branches in the US, Singapore, and other electronic markets. It has become a well-known electronic component distributor in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Domestic sales network and stable original supply channels.It has sales of over 100 million yuan and has tens of thousands of spot stocks worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

At the beginning of the company, the company started to sell military chips overseas. With the expansion of business volume, it has accumulated rich original resources and agent channels, and gradually began to involve industrial and civilian products. The company's advantageous brand sales have achieved the top 100 in the industry and accumulated a wealth of resources. Original channel and

Oem resources, each chip of Wares Semiconductor is from the original factory, and is committed to building a credible and win-win component trading platform.The company's policy of “integrity, efficiency, mutual benefit, and win-win” is committed to becoming a world-renowned ic hybrid supplier.

After ten years of unremitting efforts, Wallace Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has established good business relationships with many famous ic manufacturers and agents in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, and China, and oem. Many famous brands outside

Ic products, customers all over the world.

Advantage brands of the company: xilinx, altera, samsung, micron, hynix, adi.

Agency distribution: MAXIM、AOS、ON、ST、NXP、DIODES 、 ATMEL 、TI、NANYA 、ISSI、INTEL、 PLX、MARVELL、FREESCALE、TOSHIBA and other specializing in memory, flash memory, memory, arm, sdram, sram, nand,flash,Ddr, fpga, cpld, two triodes, connectors, modules, optocouplers, microcontrollers, processors, sensors, power chips, amplifiers, logic chips and programmable high-end chips! Huales Semiconductor Co., Ltd. adhering to the "in good faith, With the tenet of “Quality as the core and price as the advantage”, we will meet the diversified needs of our customers and welcome the elites of the industry and Huales Semiconductor to create ic brilliant!